Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update, July 10, 2010

Elvis got us up early this morning (about 5:30) coughing. It wasn't too bad, but it did mean an early Torbutrol. This is the first time in months that he's had a problem at "night." The Torb kicked it within a few minutes, so he's settled down pretty well.

His problem, bless his heart, is pretty much understandable. My dachshund, Haley, has a slight discharge that he finds REALLY attractive. She's not in season, but it's the next best thing according to him. He's been having trouble settling down for the last four or five days, and he's had to have a Torb each day for the last three (four if you include this morning). One dose has always done it, so it's obviously not too bad.

I'm hoping that I can bathe her tomorrow afternoon (and get the dog bedding washed), and that will handle the majority of it. Haley has been on some medication for a slight swelling under her eye, and that's apparently triggered a response in her that's caused this discharge. She's fine, and the swelling is gone, but she smells really good to him. And, well, from his past life, if there's one thing Elvis knows, it's how to deal with bitches who smell good. :)

Anyway, I don't expect further problems, but I decided an update would be a good idea. I need to update his calendar to reflect this, and he also needs to be weighed this afternoon just to be sure.

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