Friday, July 23, 2010

Evening Update 7/23/2010

It's been a mixed bag, today.

Elvis is pretty frantic in his "love" for Haley. Yet, after bathing Haley, I see where she's definitely on the far downhill slide of her season. Not sure what is going on, but Haley seems to be egging him on some and Elvis, as you'd expect, is responding.

He got 1/4 Valium this afternoon at lunch and then again in his foodball with his dinner at 5:30. He's still been pretty keyed up, though, but that may have been the food anticipation coming through because right now, he's calm.

So tonight at bedtime, I'm going to go ahead with 1/2 Valium. I suspect I'll have another early wake up call in the sure that I've got some recipes out so I can do some cooking. LOL

I am also concerned about his weight. He gained a pound overnight, but our scales are acting up, so it may be that and not fluid retention. I didn't weigh him at the normal time (right after lunch), but did it around 3:00. His Lasix has been bumped up to 1 ml to compensate for the increased Prednisone, but I intend to reweigh him tomorrow at the normal time. If the weight is back to around 8 lbs, I'll know it was the scales acting up. If it's still at 9.2, I'm going to drop the second Pred dose. The Valium is keeping his emotions in check now, so I'm not sure he really needs that extra dose to control the wheezing....I'd hoped to scale him back on Monday or Tuesday anyway, so this is just a couple of days early.

That's it from here for now. I'll post an update in the morning, though like I said, I really expect to be woken up again around 3:30 or so.

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