Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The first Valium in a long time

About 11:30 last night (right after we'd turned the lights out), I heard a weird sound that I couldn't place. Turning the light on and getting the flashlight, I went into the den and shown the beam at Elvis' crate.

Sure enough, the Little Stumpy Fella was staring right back at me. I went ahead and let he and Skeeter outside, and it was REAL obvious he was looking for Haley. He was very anxious, so out came the Valium

That's the first one he's had in several months, and it did the trick. He got back in his crate and settled right down. We didn't hear another word from him all night. There may be repeat performances of this over the next week or so or for as long as Haley is in season. If we catch it early enough, there's no coughing involved, which is good.

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