Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling the clinic

I left word on the clinic's answering machine and emailed Dr. Walthall a heads up that Elvis is having some issues..

He is just getting really agitated with Haley in season, and it's showing up in the form of a hacking/whooping cough. Once he gets settled next to her, it slows down or stops, but from about 4:30 pm on, he's never really settled. I swear it sounds like he's coughing up a lung.

He's gotten a Torb at 5 pm and a Guafinisen at 7:40. I suspect he'll be getting a Valium tonight after he's crated since he's pretty agitated when he can't see Haley. I don't know if increasing his Pred is an option, but he's also quite wheezy. To be honest, he sounds very much like he does when he gets a panic attack.

The Valium might actually be the best answer here, but I don't want to have him on too much of it, too often.

So tomorrow I'll talk to the clinic and see what they want to do. Meanwhile I'll try to keep him as settled as possible, and make sure he's got access to and is drinking water so that cough doesn't dehydrate him.

I'll post an update tomorrow.

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