Sunday, July 25, 2010

MUCH better night

Last night was MUCH better than the last few nights.

I think moving onto the sofa was a very good idea. Elvis was a little confused at first because, even though Haley was on the floor on a pallet, usually when I'm on the sofa, an invitation to Skeeter and Elvis is coming up. I did bring him up for a minute to scratch his head, but then put him back on the floor, and he went right over to lay next to Haley.

They slept just fine until about 12:45 when Haley apparently needed to go outside. Since I didn't want a repeat of the night before, I went ahead and let them out. They came back in a few minutes later, Haley was leashed and everyone pretty much settled right back down.

I had gone ahead with my plan of 1/2 Torb at a few minutes before 10, and then 1/2 Valium at 10:30. That took care of the whole night. I heard Elvis trot around a couple of times, but he may just have been going for water since he tends to get hot and gets Lasix.

So other than me spending the night on the couch, things went much, much better than they have the last few nights.

Right now, Haley's hot pants are in the washer, and she's leashed down at my feet. Elvis is sleeping a foot or so away from her, but even with her hot pants off, his interest hasn't been too bad. Fingers crossed that means only a few more days.

Unless things change, I want to keep Elvis completely off Valium until tonight before bed. He seems to be sensitive to it (like he is with so much other medication), and too much Valium gives him the opposite reaction. I suspect that's what happened the other night. Along with being shuffled around the house in his crate, he got quite a bit of Valium ( though still well under the maximum dosage), and I think it ramped him up rather than taking the edge off his anxiety.

So I'll plan on the sofa routine tonight and maybe tomorrow night, though by then I'm pretty sure my back will be broken. That's worth it, though, if everyone gets a good nights sleep. Tomorrow night I may try sleeping on the couch and having one of them in their crate. We'll just have to see how it goes.

I may not post another update until tomorrow unless things change dramatically around here.

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