Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26/2010 (AKA one step forward, two steps back)


In some ways, things are going much better with Elvis. He's calmer than he was last week. His interest in Haley has waned somewhat. He can stand some separation from Haley.

In other ways, things have not improved. He still can't stand to be separated from her at night...which means he's unwilling to sleep in his crate. My back is just about broken from sleeping on the sofa.

All things combined, I'm not sure how much progress has been made. Haley is pretty much out of season, but Elvis is still convinced he needs to be right next to her. This is causing a problem with trying to move him back into his crate to sleep at night.

Last night in the living room, I tried him in his crate. That didn't work. Withing five minutes I could tell he was on the way to working himself into a frenzy because he was restrained and Haley was loose. So I let him out so he and Haley could sleep on the blanket. Not really a good thing, but I wanted sleep.

At 2:30, I woke up to the sound of toenails clicking on the floor. Haley had apparently woken up and decided to make the rounds in the house. Not sure where she thought she was going, but when she got back, I decided to put her in Elvis crate and leave him loose. I also decided to give him another dose of Vallium. After a few moans, Haley settled down to sleep. Elvis was a bit out of sorts, but he finally laid down on the pallet.

At 5:00, I'd had enough of the sofa. Both the dogs were asleep, so I took the opportunity to crawl into bed.

My back is broken...I'm convinced of it.

Tonight, Haley and Elvis are going to be loose in the den. I have GOT to sleep in a bed. I'll try to address Elvis's reluctance to sleep in a crate without Haley in a couple of nights. By then, I'm hoping I can get her bathed again, the bedding washed, and the remaining traces of her "season" out of the house.

So that's where we are. Hopefully I can post an update in the morning that's a bit more positive. :)

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