Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Early Start 7/23/2010

I ended up giving Elvis 1/2 a Valium before bedtime. I started with 1/4, but about 15 minutes after we'd gone to bed and were still reading, it was obvious he wasn't going to settle (we tried having Haley out in the den at first, but she let us know she much preferred her crate in our room, so that was a no go). So another 1/4 Valium in a late night food ball was presented.

No problems until it wore off at 3:30, when I had to get up, let he and Skeeter out and give him another 1/2. That really didn't do it. Not sure if it was because Haley wasn't out there when I first put him back or that Haley went out and the boys got to go out a second time. Not sure.

Anyway, at 4:15, I just decided to hell with it and got up. At least I got Randall's muffins made and a chili I'd been needing to do cooked up. :)

But other than the 3:30 wake up, Elvis seems to be doing OK. No coughing, some whining (mainly at food), and a bit less agitated. I'll decide what to do about his noon Valium once I'm back up (heading back to bed in a bit), and sort of play the dinner Valium by ear. I don't think there's any question he'll get 1/2 at bed time.

I'll probably post an update tonight unless something happens.

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