Monday, July 19, 2010

Elvis' Mission (which is Impossible)

Haley is in season, so that means Elvis is on guard. Against what, I'm not sure since the only other canine in the house may be male, but has no baubles. The other four legged male is a cat, and I KNOW Ollie couldn't care less about Haley.

Anyway, at 14 1/2, I'm not worried about Haley's season being anything other than for "show", but she wears her hot pants, and if Elvis gets too fractious, I'll just keep the two separate for whatever length of time is necessary. He's getting a Torb pretty frequently right now since he gets all worked up occasionally, and that triggers his cough.

This is the common sight around the house right now:

And if you look at Elvis' expression, you can see just how pensive he is. This is a job he knows how to do, and his humans won't let him. Well, neither will Haley, but that's not factored into the equation by him.

Last time Haley pulled this is was a little over two weeks (maybe even three), so I suspect we've got a ways to go.

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