Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tooth extraction scheduled

Elvis' tooth infection has kicked in again, so he's been scheduled for an extraction next Tuesday at 9:30.

He started on antibiotics yesterday, and he'll have a week on them before he goes in. As much as I hate to put him under, this tooth simply has to come out. I've also asked if Dr. Walthall will clip his nails good while he's under...he get so stressed when that's done, that I figure I might as well take advantage of him being out to get this done.

I've got a CT scan scheduled for today and my biannual followup with my radiation oncologist on Monday, so Tuesday was as soon as this could be done (plus I'd really like him over as much of the infection as possible).

Since Elvis gets so stressed when I'm not available, our plans are to stick around so I'll be there when he goes under and then be there when he comes out. The extraction shouldn't take long, so I suspect I'll have an updated on how things went on the blog soon after lunch.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Someone to be thankful for...

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

I also want to take this opportunity to say how grateful Randall and I are for Elvis. We've been given a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in a little dog's life, and it has been a wonderful experience.

We truly are very, very thankful that we were given the chance to bring Elvis home with us and that he's a permanent foster...or maybe I should say, a very important part of our family. Calling him a "foster dog" might be technically accurate, but it doesn't really convey what he means to us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elvis Really Misses the Food Lady

Elvis is doing well thanks to Valium. The first couple of days Donna was gone, he got very stressed out when the Food Lady did not appear by 4:30. The stress lead to lots of coughing both before he ate, after he ate, and after my dinner an hour later. Even a Torbutrol did not really help as the cats hung around his basket after dinner, wanting to be put up (and fed, of course).

Donna suggested trying a quarter pill Valium around 4pm to help keep him on an even keel. It's worked for the last two nights and seems to be working tonight. THere is much less stress and far less coughing. Not letting the cats back out after my dinner helps too. I hate to use a valium on him every day while Donna is gone, but that is probably easier on him that several hours of stressed out coughing -- especially when it's the "sounds like he's coughing up a lung" cough.

Unfortunately, the swelling on his face is still there. It's down from what it was when we took him in to see Dr. Walthall, but it is still there. Another visit to the vet is likely after Donna gets back.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Update, November 6, 2010

Elvis' has another few days of antibiotics since there's still some swelling evident at the gum line.

Dr. Walthall thinks that the infection may actually be gone, but that a puss pocket is there and is going to have to be reabsorbed, which will take time. So he's got enough to last through Monday, and then he'll be off them.

I'll be leaving Monday, so Randall will be in charge of all things Elvis while I'm gone. I suspect either he or I will post a quick update late next week, and then I'll post one when he comes up to Dallas. No one is looking forward to bringing him into a new environment since it's going to be stressful, and Elvis doesn't do stress.

But he'll be up there with his buds, and he'll know Randall and me, so we're hoping that he will do OK. He'll ride up to Dallas in a crate with Skeeter, and he'll most likely sleep with him for the three nights they're there. And I'll have the handy dandy Valium and Torbutrol, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with all that, he'll do OK

So that's where we are. Say a prayer for the little stumpy fella that his infection stays gone and that he handles his van ride and stay in Dallas well. :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Update, November 1, 2010

Time for an update. :)

Elvis is still suffering from swelling where his tooth is bad. He's been on antibiotics now for a full week, and while it's definitely down, it's still visible.

I called the clinic this morning, and since they all know I'm leaving town on Monday, I was asked to call back on Wednesday to give an update. It's possible that he'll need a second course of antibiotics, and if he does, I'll request pills because it will be easier for Randall to handle.

That said, here's the schedule for me.

My mother is coming in on Thursday, and my cousin and his family will come in for the day on Sunday. With that in mind, there's a pork butt to smoke, and side dishes and a cake to get ready. So foodie stuff will rule my world for the next few days.

On Monday, November 8, I'm leaving town with my mom to go back to Dallas for some denture adjustments and chores that she needs done at her house. The plan is for Randall to come up on the 17th or 18th (we're waiting on weather since the wind shield wipers on the van don't work...it rains, and there's a delay), and we should be back by Saturday, November 20. And yes. Elvis will be coming, too. The Valium will be kept well at hand for this. He's never been in someone else's house before, but I'm hoping that with me, Randall, Haley and Skeeter there, he will handle the stress.

Once we're back, I'll need to pow-wow with Dr. Walthall about Elvis' tooth. She's going to be out of pocket in early December, so we'll have that to work around. I've also got a follow-up appointment with my radiation oncologist and a CT scan scheduled in early December.

I want to be sure we're all on the same page on what we want to do. I've got real concerns about putting him under for an extraction, but a bad tooth can cause other problems, and with a dicky heart, I don't want to make it worse. So we'll look at this when I get back and figure out what we want to do.

I'll post another update before I leave on Monday.