Saturday, July 24, 2010

Was that ever unpleasant...

Horrible night. Just horrible. This time from the other end of the clock.

Elvis had me up until 3:30, though I may have been partly responsible for that. Right now, he's laying calmly by Haley, but Randall said he was just madly trying to hump her for the first 30 minutes or so that I'd been in the bedroom to sleep.

Anyway, he's pretty much calmed down now, but he's shown more interest in her in the last two days than in the last two weeks...and she is just about out of season. It would help tremendously if she'd turn around and tell him to stop, but she doesn't. She never has with any male (I've only had one other bitch like this in 25 years), so he takes it as a sign to continue on.

Tonight I'm going to try starting out sleeping on the sofa in the living room with Haley and him loose and the basket available for them. I ended up moving into different rooms last night, and I think that really exacerbated the situation. We'd first tried moving him into the bedroom with us and that didn't work. Having his crate facing Haley's was no help.

Then I moved out into the den into a recliner. That helped. They both settled down into the basket (after some jockeying for position), and they were there for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the chair proved not to be an option for me, so I moved into the living room onto the sofa. I put Haley's pallet down on the floor, but they stayed in the den for the longest. At about 2:30, Haley woke me up. I didn't realize she needed to go outside, so I had that to deal with.

The basket came into the living room, Haley settled in it, but Elvis was ramped up. More Valium didn't help, but finally at 3:30 either he settled down or I was too tired to care what was happening and I fell asleep.

So right now, I don't like dogs. Well, maybe Skeeter because he's asleep in the other room, but Haley and Elvis are right down by my feet, and I dislike them both. Fortunately the cats are OK. I like them. LOL

I'll post another update later today. Probably this evening since it looks like the behavior that is so bad takes a vacation until bedtime. :(

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