Wednesday, December 09, 2009

12_9 Update: Coughing Elvis

I think the dry cold is really causing some problems for Elvis. He was coughing some yesterday when it was cold and humid, but today it's been very cold and quite dry and his coughing has escalated alarmingly through the afternoon.

I've given him four doses of his cough medicine today, which unfortunately isn't really doing the trick. I also upped his evening Lasix to 1 CC. I'll do that again with his morning dosage, but I want to keep the evening dose at .75 CC. I'm hoping bumping that one dose up in the morning while keeping the regular dose with the evening meal won't trigger the behavior issues. Also, I'm hoping that if it helps it's something I only have to do when it gets really cold and dry. Our heater has been coming on more today, and I know that's contributed.

We've also moved him into our room since there's a humidifier in there for me (no salivary glands means that's an absolute must for me), and he'll be in there tonight. So far, his coughing has lessened some, but it's hard to say what's helping the most...the moister air or the drugs. No real way of knowing right now.

I called the clinic this afternoon, but never heard back. I'll call in the morning and see if Dr. Walthall has any ideas or suggestions. I first thought it might be some delayed reaction to the heartworm treatment, but that doesn't make much sense to me. Not sure what the answer here is, though. :(

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