Sunday, December 13, 2009

12_13 Evening Update (Sunday)

This is going to be short post because I'm beat...been in the kitchen all day.

Elvis had a good morning and early afternoon, but his day started going downhill the more the smells from the kitchen increased. I was actually roasting a turkey and about 3:30, it began to smell good and Elvis' wheezing increased.

Got worse at dinner. :) As he gets excited, he wheezes a lot and coughs more. He's felt good enough, though, to race Skeeter out the back door. I know that's not in his best interest, but he loves it and he's not really felt up to it until today. He also spent a lot of time meandering around the yard since it was a really pretty day and warm enough that Haley and Skeeter both wanted to spend time in the sun

I'm going to go give the old man some ottoman time this evening. He got a bit before lunch and he was VERY happy. I've been pushing the water today some since his coughing has been more pronounced. He'll be getting some of that here shortly and then we'll head in for time in his favorite nap spot.

Hopefully we'll have another good night tonight. I'll call the clinic in the morning and set up an appointment. I'll need to restock the medicines, too. And he's down to 8 pounds which is good.

I'll post again in the morning.

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