Saturday, December 26, 2009

12_26 Update

I know I said I probably wouldn't update until Sunday, but I think I forgot what day it was when I said that. :)

This will be quick, though, since we've got out of town company that won't leave until Monday.

Elvis has handled the Christmas spirit really, really well. He had no problem when my dad and stepmom were here earlier in the week. He's handled all the decorations and kitchen banging and rattling really well. And he handled all yesterday's activity really well. An enthusiastic "Attaboy!" for him.

He went down to 1/3 a Pred yesterday, and he'll have another six days of that. The Pred has helped him enough to where I'm only giving Guafinisen at need now and Torbutrol if he can't seem to stop coughing....and that's pretty rare. He's also at 8.4 pounds, so as much as he's food motivated right now, his weight is still in good shape.

It looks like the steroids have really helped stabilize him, which is great. I do want to speak with Dr. Walthall about continuing to use the Enalapril. I'm honestly forgetting what benefit that medicine is supposed to have. And am I seeing it? (SOOOOOO many drugs. LOL) I won't talk to them until sometime next week, though, so we'll just keep on giving him his small dosage twice a day.

That really is all, though I am going to post a picture or two in another post. We got some of him, Haley and Skeeter yesterday, so I want to get them on here.

I'll post another update in a few days.

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