Monday, December 14, 2009

12_14 Update

Thought I'd done an update earlier today. Oops. So I'll make this one quick.

Elvis did well again last night, so we all got sleep. Tonight, I'm going to dial him back to 1/4 Torbutrol rather than 1/2 and see how it goes.

I've scheduled an appointment for him tomorrow to see Dr. Walthall. I did talk to her briefly today to check on medicine amounts for his cough and she asked me if it was dry of wet. Most of the time it's dry. Sometimes it's wet. And sometimes I have a hard time telling.

So we'll deal with this tomorrow. Fortunately he'll be in the room with her and I'm pretty sure he'll cough, so that should help.

He's gotten some ottoman time today which is VERY important to him. :)

I'll post tomorrow afternoon after we get back home and update how things are going with the little guy.

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