Saturday, December 12, 2009

12_12 evening update

It's been a mixed bag here, today.

Elvis is still hacking, coughing and wheezing, but what is interesting is that he doesn't seem to be in any real distress. Obviously he's not real happy when he's having a bad bout, but he's very alert, interested in what's going on, and eating everything we put in front of him (or doing his level best).

In a way that's encouraging, but in a way it also disturbs me. If he had some infection causing this, I would expect some lethargy and lack of interest in food and household happenings. That's not the case. Now, he's also only had three full days of Clavamox and Dr. Walthall did say that the blood panel showed high normal for infection, so I guess it's possible this is something low grade. Sure doesn't sound that way, but maybe it is.

One GOOD thing is his weight is down some. Yesterday he'd ballooned up to 8.8, and today he's down to a more normal 8.2. I'd still like to see it a bit lower because looking at him gives me the impression he's retaining fluid. And there's only so much Lasix he can have. I've actually given him a bit more last night and today than I feel really comfortable with, so tomorrow I'm going to have to dial it back some. Ditto with the Guafinisen. He's not showing much in the way of drowsiness, but I'm having to use more than I'm comfortable with. And he won't take liquid Robitussen DM unless its well camouflaged in food. I can't blame him. That stuff is cherry and its vile.

I'm iffy on how his stool is doing. The only reason I noticed blood in it at all yesterday was because he'd pooped in the house. He's not done that today. I think it's still somewhat loose based on how he's acting outside, but I would say there's definite improvement in the length of time he tries to potty. That's a good sign. I'll keep with the rice and yogurt until I see a reversal, but I am almost 100% that this was invoked by the turkey stock. Won't make that mistake with him again.

This is where we are tonight. He's been haunting the hell out of me most of the afternoon, so I know once dinner is over, I will be heading into the living room with my book so he can spend some ottoman time. He's not had any of that in the last several days, and he's obviously missing it. The fact he hasn't been pushing until now may mean something. Usually he starts bugging me nightly if I haven't gone in there, but the last three days haven't been that way. Maybe this is a good sign. I sure hope so. Because even if he's not seeming to suffer from his coughing spells, it's killing me to hear them.

I'll post again in the morning.

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