Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 26-28, Wednesday - Friday


It's still been a bad couple of days for our boy. Today I had a follow-up appointment with my ENT to check out my progress from my cancer treatments (everything looks really good, so we were very happy to hear that). Unfortunately, the hour we were in the office apparently was long enough to muck up the way we smelled. Poor little Elvis. We looked like his people. We acted like his people. But we most assuredly did not SMELL like his people. He was all bug eyed and skittish until well into the evening when I guess the smell of us changed. LOL Between that and me doing serious cleaning here in the den, it's just not been a great couple of days for him.


He got to be in his crate most of the morning because I was cleaning here in den and he just didn't need to be around that. He's just been too uneasy with everything going on in here, so there was no reason to subject him to it. He was in the living room, well out of the way from vacuum cleaner and moving furniture. Tomorrow and Saturday we'll do the same with him. We also had to pick up some stop-gap Lasix for him. We've been trying to get his liquid Lasix in for over a week, but we've had no luck. It finally came down to getting something in here to take him through the weekend. He's now got enough Lasix pills to take him through mid-week. I'm a little upset about this because he's not a healthy dog and I've never dealt with one with congestive heart failure, so I'm not sure how long he could go without it if he had to. Fortunately, though, he doesn't have to, so I'll start calling again Monday afternoon and see it it's come in yet (it's been ordered, just not delivered). He also got a fresh supply of his cough tablets, so he's good to go there.


Another day of cleaning. Another day of Elvis in the living room. He was still skittish when he came out with us, but better than he had been. He also got to spend a brief bit of time on the couch with us while we kicked off DVD Date Night (bad movie, so we gave up 15 minutes into it and will start a new one on Saturday). Saturday is my last cleaning day, and I'm looking forward to that because I know this has been upsetting to him. It wasn't bad when I was in other rooms, but being in the den has really gotten to him. I also gave him his Lasix pill (this is once a day) and he did have to have a cough pill later in the day. I suspect that will continue through tomorrow while I'm stirring up all the dust in here.

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