Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August 2-4, Sunday-Tuesday


OooOoOOOOOoo...didn't get up until way late. :) Randall got busy on the computer and didn't look at the clock until 7:45. Elvis survived. I think perhaps it's best from now on if he gets me up at the regular old time of 8:00 or shortly before so I can keep Elvis on something of a consistent schedule for his Lasix. I probably have a bit of wiggle room, but not an hour, so if he gets me up between 7:45 and 8:00, that should be good.

He has also definitely figured out that when Randall and I go somewhere, he gets a treat in his crate. He's also really figured out the dinnertime thing, too. I guess that's not surprising since I know his experiences with food in the past must have been not nearly as positive as they are here. In the three weeks that he's been here (well, starting his third week yesterday), his coat looks MUCH better. Much more like what I'm used to dealing with. I'm also seeing less scratching, which may be either the topical flea treatment keeping the mosquitoes away or the better quality food or a combination.

There still seems to be a problem when one of the cats stares at him, but every time it happens I'm either out of the room or my back is turned. I know Savoy is provoking a lot of it, but still, Elvis needs to learn that's not acceptable behavior here. If I can ever catch it as it happens, I think I can make enough of an impression with him that he'll know responding to a cat in that manner just isn't done here. I know it's threatening to him, but still.


Elvis got to wait a bit longer for his breakfast again. Randall didn't wake me up until 7:00, and Elvis seemed hungry, but not famished. We'll do this a couple more days and then move it another 15 minutes or so.

Also, we got new pictures of him this morning (I posted those yesterday). He wasn't too sure what to make of mom and dad being outside with him, but he managed to calm down after a few minutes.

One thing I am definitely seeing is that he suffers from a slipped stifle (dogs with this condition will frequently run three legged for a few steps...skipping, as it were). Those of you who have shown dogs or know much about toy breeds probably know what that is. It's also known as luxated patella and is something seen fairly frequently in small/toy breeds (and chihuahuas are apparently well known for it). Surgery is sometimes recommended for this condition, but that's just not an option here. It is something I will talk to his vet and Liz about, but since there isn't pain involved, I imagine it will just be a condition that is monitored. I've been suspicious of his rear gait for quite some time, but this morning was the first time I've ever seen him move with one rear leg held up, so there's really no question what this is.


Elvis got to wait a bit later for his breakfast this morning. I've been getting up with Randall at 6:30 and feeding him right away, but it's really been telling on my day. Since I'm still recovering my energy a year after radiation treatments, the early rising equals a long nap in the afternoon. I've wanted to starting feeding him later, but I wanted him a bit more settled before I started. This morning I had Randall wake me up at 6:45, and I got Elvis fed a little before 7:00. That seemed to work well for him, so I'm hoping over the next week or so to move me getting up a bit closer to 8:00.

We've got relatives coming in this afternoon. My cousin and her niece will come in this afternoon on their way to visit my mother up in Dallas. I've told Melinda the deal with Elvis, and I'm very interested to see how he acts.

I'm actually very pleased with how Elvis acted this afternoon. He was skittish and didn't want to be picked up, but once he was (and after an initial bout of shaking), he handled things well. More importantly, there wasn't a single cough during the two hours Melinda and Max were here. That is really outstanding because when he panics badly or is badly stressed, he coughs. So no coughing was a very good thing. My mother is possibly coming in on Friday and will be here two days. If so, that will be another great experience for him because it will be a 48 hour visit.

Anyway, we're very proud of how he handled himself considering he's only been here two full weeks and this was the first set of visitors he's met.

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