Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 20-22, Thursday-Saturday


My dad and stepmom came by this afternoon and, while Elvis did really well, since we kept him in the living room with everyone, he had to have a cough pill. He wasn't panicked, but even laying on the sofa, you could tell he would have really preferred to be elsewhere. He shook a bit when I brought him out of his crate and took him in the other room, but once he'd had a minute to see nothing was coming after him, he settled down. He didn't want to make eye contact with people, and I didn't want to force that. He accepted being petted and then relaxed on the sofa. All in all, I'm very proud of the way he handled himself.


My keyboard tray came out again this morning. This time it was almost on top of Elvis, but I caught it in my lap, so it didn't crash to the floor. He skittered away and then crawled under a raised shelf under my desk, but when I pulled him out, he wasn't too excited. A bit stiff, but no coughing. He also got over it almost immediately, which was good.

Today, though, is Friday, and that's the day he hates since Randall does laundry. There's much mistrust of the laundry basket and he wants no part of Randall walking our with clothes on hangers. LOL Tonight, though, he gets to join us on the sofa for a movie, and that helps make up for a lot of things.


Elvis really, really, really wants to be in the kitchen where the good smells are, but he just doesn't have the courage to stay in there when I'm banging around. The smell of bacon and onions sauteing is a REALLY big draw for him. :)

He has been a bit skittish today. Not sure what's up, but he may be taking a step or two back again.

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