Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August 29-31, Saturday - Monday


Not much to write about today. Elvis goes back to his twice a day liquid Lasix tomorrow which I'm really happy about. I do think he does better when he gets two doses a day. I've had to rely quite a bit on his cough pills over the last several days, and the liquid Lasix seems to last longer (or do better). He's still skittish from all the banging around here, and I still wear the black hat for giving him all his pills by hand, but I'm sure he'll get past that in a few days.


**sigh** I'm apparently no longer Elvis' favorite person. Between banging around the house and poking a cough tablet down him several times this week, he's decided that I'm a horrible person...or so it seems when Randall picks him up and walks up to me with him. We've picked him up several times today in order to let him understand that not every time when I walk up to Randall when he's holding him is he going to get a pill. I suspect we'll work through this in a few days because that's the only time he does it, and I've told Randall that from now on rather than poking the pill in his mouth, I'll simply put it in a bit of cheese and put that on the floor. This is the only time he acts this way, so I doubt it's permanent.


Happiness is the cleaning is done. That's happiness for Elvis AND for me. :) And, Elvis is, indeed, much happier. Turns out the biggest culprit in the anxiety department was a four foot long folding table that we'd brought into the den at the first of the week to set stuff on as a "staging area." We didn't realize it was the problem until Elvis came out of his crate in the living room, and after coming through the kitchen and turning the corner into the den, he came face-to-face with the table. I didn't see the whole thing, but Randall was following him and he said you could see him slam on the brakes and tense completely up. I saw the front end action and I could see immediately he was not a happy camper. His nemesis is back in the garage, and he is MUCH happier. He has spent the last four days making the circuit around the den, hall, living room and kitchen...settling down wasn't much of an option. That's changed now, though.

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  1. You're doing great work on behalf of these little guys. And for some added inspiration, check out this short video -- ahamoment.com/pg/moments/view/4169 -- about the "aha moment" of a fellow Humane Society volunteer and how one special dog changed her life. Hope you enjoy.