Friday, August 14, 2009

August 11 - 13, Tuesday-Thursday

Tuesday afternoon saw another cough pill. What I saw today (and Sunday) were soft, but persistent coughs. Nothing nearly as bad as when we first got him home, but enough to where I'm going to keep an eye out on it and his weight. If I end up having to give another pill in the next day or two and/or his weight goes up, I think a call to the vet is needed. He's acting fine, eating like a horse and generally doing well otherwise, but I've never had a dog with congestive heart failure, so I'm not completely sure when something is a problem.

Elvis had a really crappy Wednesday. He was sitting just a couple of feet away from my desk when my keyboard tray fell out of its holder and crashed to the floor. Randall finally found him cowering under a chair in the dining room, and when he came out, he started coughing. I went ahead and gave him a pill, but since I scared him half to death, I'm not at all counting this one as one to watch. Bless his heart. He's just as skittish as he can be right now, and is trying to stay away from me and the desk. I've had him in the living room sitting on the couch with me once already, but I need to do that a couple more times. This is the first time he's been so panicked since the first day he was here. And I can't blame him. The only way this could have been worse is if he'd been UNDER my desk when it happened.

He's still skittery today, Friday, but I am seeing some improvement.That keyboard crashing to the floor yesterday did a real number on him. I'm still not his favorite person, but since I'm the Food Provider, I suspect I'll be forgiven sooner rather than later. Still if I could take that 5 seconds back, I would in a heartbeat. No cough today, though, so that's a plus.

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