Saturday, August 08, 2009

August 5-7, Wednesday - Friday

I think I am going to start simply writing an update that isn't broken into days. Elvis is doing well enough at the moment that I feel that's my best way to keep track of the days.

Wednesday was really a non-event day. I suspect today, Thursday, will be as well. So far, the only thing of note that's happened today is Elvis was introduced to the white laundry basket...and introduction he obviously felt he could have done without. He was spooked, which is completely understandable, so we'll bring him to it several times over the next couple of days to see if he can be acclimated to it. I suspect the fact it was carried in was the initial problem. He seems to have real reservations about things in hands, and this sucker is big and white and intimidating.

Friday my mother is coming in, so I suspect there will be a bit of detail on that. She'll be here Friday afternoon and will leave Sunday morning. I'm also hoping to get my dad over here, though I don't know the day, yet.

Friday was actually an interesting day. Elvis did very well meeting my mom. He initially showed some of the same skittish tendencies he did with my cousin, but Randall and I both picked him up a couple of times and held him while she petted him. He ended up settling down pretty nicely. He didn't cough at all, came in during dinner and wandered around and helped clean a couple of plates up. Randall didn't join Mom and me for a movie, but while she was at one end of the sofa, and I was at the other, Elvis got up on the sofa between us. He sniffed her hand a couple of times and, once he got settled, she was able to pet him a couple of times, too. Since Randall wasn't sitting next to me, Elvis was able to get REALLY comfortable. LOL He snuggled up to my leg and had his head in my lap. He was very content. Skeeter was a bit hacked off, though, since Elvis was in "his" place...he got over it by laying in my lap, so everything worked out fine between the boys.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the way he's handled the introduction on Friday. Now how he'll be once she appears out from the guestroom Saturday morning, I don't know. Also, my dad is going to swing by Saturday afternoon, so there will be another person for him to meet.

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