Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 8-10, Saturday-Monday

Saturday has been a quiet day, though there are a couple of things that I probably should have mentioned a day or so ago. Elvis has learned that the activity in the kitchen frequently means plates are set down for cleaning. He waited patiently in there this evening for me to transfer meat over to a smaller plate so he would get a chance to clean the remnants off the one going into the dishwasher.

Also, he's gotten where he really wags his stump. It's kind of funny to watch since he's a tailless baby, but it's really obvious when he gets going. He only started doing this in the last few days, but it's a very good sign. In the morning when I come into the den for the first time, he's quite enthusiastic in his greeting. I know full well most of it is food related, but he does seem genuinely glad to see me at other times, too. So this is a good thing. :)

Sunday morning and Elvis gets a cough pill. It's not a bad cough, but like usual, there's no reason I can see to make him suffer through a cough when he's got something to stop it. I've really been pleased with how well he's handled the whole visitation thing. My dad didn't get a chance to come over this weekend, but he should be here sometime this next week, and I'll be interested to see how Elvis handles that.

One thing Randall and I are trying to do is to get him to stand up before he's picked up. He shows that crouching, submissive behavior that we'd like to get him over, so we'll just sort of school him in this. I suspect this is one of the things that will take the longest for him to get over. My mom said watching him reminds her of watching a fawn, and that makes sense. Like a wild animal, he freezes while deciding whether the situation calls for flight or fight. I've never really seen the "fight" instinct (though rushing Savoy is close), but there sure is a lot of "flight" instinct coming into play.

Today, Monday, I made my switch over from ibuprofen/aspirin back to Aleve. I've got some health problems that have me taking large quantities of NSAIDs, and I try to stay on Aleve for three weeks and come off for a week. Anyway, I have been feeling really crummy, so I took a pain killer and Haley and went in for a two hour nap. When Randall came in to wake me up, Elvis was on his heels. He put him up on the bed and Elvis had a good rubbing session up against my leg. He doesn't rub his head the way any of my other dogs have (standing on it, so to speak) and he doesn't really lay down and roll around on his back. Instead he leans up against something and starts walking down the length of it. Usually that's the sofa in the den, but this afternoon it was my leg. :)

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