Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 23 - 25, Sunday - Tuesday


Poor Elvis baby. The August Deep Cleaning has reached his safe room...the den. He has been a most unhappy little man since I've been rattling stuff around, toting boxes into the kitchen, washing stuff and polishing furniture. I don't think he ever really settle down until I finished up around 3:00. He's gone everywhere he could in this room to try and get comfortable, but nothing worked. I think probably Randall and I will go in after dinner and sit on the couch and let him have a little "normal" time.

And the couch time did seem to help. He's much more content tonight. The bad news, though, is I'm going to be carrying on here in the den for another three or four days. If it gets too bad, I'll probably just move his crate into the living room while I'm working.


Very little to report today, though I will saw it was much improved over yesterday since there weren't any storms in the area. Mainly he dealt with the smells and sounds of cake baking, but he's gotten where he handles that pretty well.


Today was going to be something different for Elvis because I'd planned on grilling (it's just been too hot to fire up a grill for the last few weeks), but there were storms in the area, so I changed my plans to using the oven. Poor little guy, it was still different. He's apparently afraid of thunder...not at all surprising given his reactions to loud noises, but this was really bad because the storms were out of our hearing range, but not his, and he spent a whole lot of the late afternoon frozen in place. Not quite unresponsive, but damned close. He got better later since the storms apparently moved on out, but he was one very unhappy little boy there for awhile.

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