Monday, January 18, 2010

Major Oops!

Randall and Skeeter and I caused a serious coughing problem for the poor Stumpy Fellow late yesterday afternoon.

Skeeter was in serious need of some quality play time with mom and dad, so Randall and I took him into the living room to play fetch and tug with his rope tug toy. We put the gate up in the kitchen (mainly to keep Haley out because she would destroy the toy in nothing flat).

For Skeeter, this is the prime time he gets to growl and bark and generally sound very mean and vicious, and Elvis was completely stressed out about it. He was at the kitchen gate jumping up and looking over and generally getting very worked up. Unfortunately, Randall and I simply tried talking to him and continuing the play time. That was a mistake.

Elvis got so stressed that I ended up giving him 1/4 of a Torbutrol and then, when that didn't work, 30 minutes later giving him another 1/4. And it really took him all evening to calm down. Even after his cough stopped, he was horribly skittish and nervous.

So Randall and I have learned our lesson. Tug Toy Time is going to mean having Elvis outside in the backyard with Haley for the five minutes or so Skeeter is playing. There's just too much noise that triggers anxiety for him, and he really doesn't need that.

Fortunately he's fine this skittishness and no coughing. He came off the Prednisone Saturday, so I'll monitor him closely and call Dr. Walthall either Thursday or Friday to find out what she wants to do. I'll update again then.

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