Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, Update

Tomorrow is Elvis' last day on Pred.

I called Dr. Walthall and she wants to see how he does when he comes off it before making any further decisions. Obviously the hope is that his symptoms won't return and we can move on with treating the heartworms.

Currently he's getting Lasix and either Guafinisen or Robitussen DM (it depends on whether he's "wheezy" or not) twice a day. He's getting Torbutrol as needed, but so far, that seems to be once or twice a week in a 1/4 tablet dose. He's not needed a 1/2 tablet in quite some time.

So things look good on that front. Now we'll just have to see what happens after the Prednisone ends tomorrow.

Also, the new sleeping arrangement (with he and Skeeter in one crate) is still working really well, so I don't see changing that unless something crops up. Each of the boys still has his own crate for eating and in case we need to put one of them up for some reason, but nighttime has them bunking together.

I'll post early next week once he's had a couple of days off the Pred. Fingers crossed that the coughing/wheezing don't come back.

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