Sunday, January 31, 2010

1_31_10 Update

Something of a quick update.

Elvis has been taking Prednisone on/off for the last few days.

On the days he doesn't get the 1/4 Pred tablet, he's definitely more wheezy. Actually, as the day progresses into evening, the wheezing and coughing increases to the point that I'm giving a Torbutrol. That's not the result I was hoping for.

When he gets the 1/4 Pred tablet, there is a definite reduction in coughing and he's almost wheeze free.

My gut is telling me he's going to stay on that 1/4 Prednisone per day. I want to give it one more day off (tomorrow), but I'll make the final decision Tuesday afternoon/evening on what the more permanent dosage is.

Also, he's not been sleeping alone yet. I decided a good first time to give him a Valium was NOT at night when his response couldn't be monitored. He needs his toenails cut, so tomorrow morning, I plan on doing that and, unless his response this time is different than the last two or three, he will get a Valium then. The vet clinic will be open, and I can keep an eye on him for adverse reactions.

Once I know how he reacts to it, I can make plans to shift Skeeter back into his crate at night.

I'll call the clinic Wednesday with the results of the Prednisone experiment and also let them know how he handles the Valium (unless, of course, he has some horrid reaction tomorrow and we have to take him in).

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