Sunday, January 31, 2010

1_31 Update on the update

Randall and I talked it over, and we've decided that Elvis just needs to stay on the 1/4 Prednisone a day. As much as I'd love to have him on a staggered dose, he just isn't reacting well. Waiting two days to make a decision just means he gets to feel icky tomorrow. So with that in mind, I've decided to go with a dose a day.

Also, I moved his heartworm tablet back to tonight and won't cut his nails until Tuesday. Randall thinks it's best to give him a bit more time between the heartworm pill and the Valium...and I'm just about 100% sure that he'll need one after the nail clipping. He's gotten where that really seriously upsets him. Unfortunately, he can't go forever without have them trimmed. So Tuesday I'll try the clippers (and plan on the Valium).

I'll post a bit later in the week after he has his nails trimmed.

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