Friday, January 08, 2010

I like it when a plan comes together :)

Since the weather here last night was supposed to include some gusty winds, and since Elvis apparently has noise sensitivity during the night, Randall and I decided to try putting our rescue Chihuahua, Skeeter, in the crate with him to sleep.

I gave Elvis 1/4 of a Torbutrol and 1/2 of a Guafinisen to handle some soft, light coughing/wheezing that came on late in the evening, and then we plopped the two of them into the same crate. Worked beautifully.

There was a tad of coughing that went on until the two of them got their sleeping arrangements worked out, but after that, not a peep was heard out of the den all night. We'll repeat this tonight and tomorrow night while the weather is going to be so cold, and I want to do it whenever we've got thunderstorms rolling through this spring because I know that will kick off Elvis' panic reflex.

It's so nice when something like this works because it will make it easier on Elvis and will mean that Randall and I will not be woken up in the middle of the night when Elvis panics and coughs..

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