Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1_5 Update

Elvis had a little more coughing last night than I would have liked, but this morning, all seemed well.

Randall said he coughed a bit when he came out of his crate, but it was the normal amount and stopped soon after. Once I got up, I didn't hear anything and still really haven't. I'm hoping that means that the horrible coughing problem he had shortly after the first heartworm tablet isn't going to rear its ugly head. I won't feel completely confident for another three or four days, but I have my fingers crossed.

The one thing I did notice when I put him in his crate last night was he was wheezing a bit more. I felt a bit of that this morning when I put him in this morning for his breakfast, but it's not gotten any worse. I went ahead and switched over to the Robitussin DM rather than using the Guafinisen...just to be on the safe side.

I also checked his weight since he's REALLY food motivated right now. He's good. Actually he's lost maybe a half a pound, but that is probably a good thing since he had gained a few ounces over the last month. He's at 7.4, so that's right in his "good weight" range.

I called the clinic and spoke to Dr. Walthall so they would know what was going on. I did tell her that unless things took a turn south, I'd probably call for an update later in the week.

While I'm at it, I want to wish Melody (the jewel who works the phones and front office for the La Vega Vet Clinic) a very uneventful week. Melody is pregnant and was due at the end of the month, but when she went in for her checkup yesterday, her blood pressure was high and she was admitted into the hospital. Dr. Walthall said there's a possibility that they'll induce labor tomorrow, so Randall and I and Elvis wish her all the best. Not sure if she'll be back to the clinic this week or not (sort of depends on what happens with the baby), but the main thing is that momma and baby are healthy.

And with that I'll end my update. Unless things change here, I probably won't post another update until later in the week. I've come off the Aleve I take so I can have a week's break to let me system rest and reset, and that always makes typing hard...so the next update will probably be short unless things change.

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