Friday, October 01, 2010

Update, Oct 1, 2010

Elvis is definitely on the mend. The wheezing and coughing are probably a quarter of what they were on Monday, and I suspect that by this time Monday, he'll be much more like his old self.

Right now he and Skeeter are bunking together. Elvis is sort of like a little kid in that he wants a security blanket at times...and when he's not feeling well is one of those times. We'll let the two boys sleep together probably through the weekend, and then move Skeeter back to his own crate on Monday. While Elvis appreciates the company, Skeeter really would like his own bed. Can't blame him, but this helps keep Elvis calm which translates to less coughing.

I did get his nails cut yesterday (they were so long I was really embarrassed for Dr. Walthall to see them, but cutting them is so hard on him that I didn't want to do it while he was feeling bad). He got a Valium right afterwards, but next time I'm going to give him one 20 minutes or so BEFORE I clip them and then another one afterwards if needed. They look much better. I won't do them again, probably until January. I'm not willing to put him through this more than three times a year. I didn't get his dew claws clipped, but there was nothing for it. He was in a full blown panic at that point, and I don't want to give him a heart attack just to clip two nails he doesn't walk on.

Anyway, I suspect I won't do another update until Monday unless things change.

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