Monday, October 18, 2010

Update October 18, 2010

Elvis had me worried this weekend. Saturday he started with the coughing/hacking that sounded just like when he had an infection. Granted, the Torbutrol stopped it, but I had to give him 1/2 a pill and then another 1/2 about an hour later. Still, the sound and frequency of the coughing made me decide to email Dr. Walthall to let her know what was up and that I'd call the clinic this morning.

And just about as soon as she replied, it became obvious Elvis had stopped coughing. Which is good, but still, I felt like an idiot. Dr. Walthall and I had a couple back and forth emails that ended yesterday when she said it sounded like he might need to be checked. So I said I'd call Melody this morning.

So no more coughing. Really. Just the usual coughing from excitement, but none of that "hacking up a lung" cough that he was giving me Saturday. So I called Melody and told her I wanted to hold off bringing him in.

One thing that I've forgotten to mention is that he has a growth on the left groin area. It's about the size of the tip of my index finger. Not big, and it hasn't grown, but I meant to mention it to them when I was in with him last time and totally forgot since I was so focused on his coughing. This is something that I am going to want Dr. Walthall to look at next time he's in.

That said, I told Melody that I was going to Dallas for a couple of weeks in early November. I'd like to bring him in early next week for another checkup unless he starts hacking again. I probably should do it this week, but I am so swamped here that I just can't leave the house (painting).

If there are any changes this week, I'll post another update.

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