Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3_31_10 Update

Elvis is still doing quite a bit of coughing.

When Randall came in to wake me this morning, he said he'd already given him 1/2 Torb at 7 am and there was some residual coughing going on.

Breakfast for Elvis at 8, and I upped his Lasix to 1 ml instead of the usual .75 ml (I'll leave it at that at dinner since he's sensitive). At 8:30ish, it seems to have done the trick. The coughing (and companion wheezing) has stopped. I still don't like that this has kicked in, but we're going to leave the house shut up today (and run the AC if necessary). The allergens may have nothing to do with this; we may be seeing a change in his body, but I want to try this before anything else. It's also quite humid and I know that can be a problem.

If tomorrow the coughing is still going on, I'll call the clinic. Dr. Walthall hasn't seen him since before Christmas, and I definitely want her to check him over before I go to Dallas in mid-April, so if this is the trip to the clinic, that's the way it is.

I'm also back to weighing him every day, and I am seeing some weight gain/loss. Nothing terribly significant - maybe 3 or 4 ounces a day - but still enough that with the coughing, I want to be sure I'm not looking at his congestive heart failure causing a problem. (I'm going to start tracking his weight on his calendar.)

So that's what's up with the stumpy fella. I'll update tomorrow morning.

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