Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New feature and a quick Elvis update

First off, there's a new little feature on Elvis' blog. If you look down right below Useful Links on the right, you'll see a nifty little thing that Petfinder has available. You insert the code that places a picture (rotating if there are multiple animals) of available dogs at the shelter of your choice. In our case, since Elvis is a senior and since Randall and I have a soft spot for the older fur babies, the rotating picture is an available senior dog at the Waco Humane Society.

If I haven't plugged fostering lately, let me do that. Fostering is a marvelous way to give back to the disadvantaged animals in your community. Obviously the ideal solution is a loving, forever home for all dogs and cats at the local shelters/rescue groups, but if adoption isn't possible for you right now, please consider fostering. Local group are almost always in need of volunteers, and fostering available animals is a grand way to help out.

And for a quickie update on Elvis. He got his heartworm pill Sunday night, and he made it through the vast majority of yesterday without coughing. That's new with him. He did start coughing yesterday evening before his dinner, but it was really obvious to me that it was excitement that was triggering the coughing. I went ahead and gave him 1/2 of a Torbutrol and that brought it under control.

Today he hasn't coughed at all, so again it's safe to assume that the elevated coughing the day after his heartworm pill is because of the pill.

Other than that little hiccup, he's doing beautifully. He's still spooky as all get out, but there has been less interaction with him and Randall and me since Savoy got sick, so I suspect once things calm down with that and we're able to give him a bit more attention, he'll be fine. His spookiness isn't at all unusual, really, so it's nothing we're concerned about. He is still MILES better than he was when we brought him in last summer.

I've got a few pictures to post here, and if I've got the coding right, they should show up fine. If not, I'll have to tinker and I'll put them in a separate post.

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