Thursday, March 25, 2010

3_25_10 Update

Like I'd hoped, with much of the oak leaf mess cleaned up off the back porch and the yard, Elvis' wheeze has been cut back to almost nothing. I still get a bit of it every now and then, but it's when he gets excited. The best way I can describe it was that it was similar to a slight asthma attack. Nothing bad, but the wheezing and soft cough was there at a level I didn't want to see get worse.

I've had to start watching his weight again over the last few days. He's up a bit over 8 pounds. It could be good pasture or it could be fluid, so I've bumped up his Lasix to a full ml yesterday and today. I'll give him another ml tomorrow morning and then see where his weight is after lunch. If it's not any higher, I'll dial the dosage back. Since he's got a sensitivity to Lasix, I'd rather only bump it up for a couple of days. More than that, and I'm afraid I'll see those weird behavior problems. Life is tough enough for the little fella without having him go all paranoid on me. :)

I was hoping to get a couple more pictures of him, but yesterday it was raining and last night as I was putting him in his crate, my right ankle gave way (it's weak from an old injury), and I went down pretty hard. I decided stepping up and down off the porch just wasn't a good idea today. If things are better tomorrow, I may see what I can do there.

If not, I definitely want to get another video of him at dinner. He definitely has the happy feet business down. Watching Elvis do the cha-cha is simply too funny for words.

So that's the update for now. All is going well with him which is just outstanding.

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