Thursday, April 01, 2010

4_1_10 Coughing update

One day does not a trend make, but....

Randall woke me this morning with the news that Elvis had done very, very little coughing during the time he'd been up.

Yesterday, we'd kept the house closed up because I've watched the oak in the pollen count scale the 1-10 chart over the last several days, and I've had a suspicion that his coughing has coincided with the increased oak mold. His coughing escalated when the live oak leaves started falling, and he's gotten some relief from me clearing off the patio. Still, there has been a disturbing increase in his cough. Interestingly enough, the Torbutrol stopped it cold and 1/2 a pill was enough to keep it at bay all day.

So again today we're going to have the house closed up. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so there may be a bit more coughing due to the increased humidity; that sometimes happens. We'll experiment over the weekend with the closed up house and probably open it again Monday or Tuesday.

I suspect this is the main culprit, though. We don't want to cause him difficulty, but we do like to air the house out when we can, but this year we'll keep it to a minimum.

I'll update again over the weekend I'm sure.

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