Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bouncing Back (And a Bit of Elvis)

After losing Savoy on Saturday, I had to take a few days off from blogging and life in general to try to get things back in perspective. It's hell losing a cat so young and to something you thought you could fight only to find out you not only had one arm tied behind your back, but you were also wearing a blindfold.

Savoy was very much loved and will be very much missed. His ashes will come home later this week, so I'm sure I'll take that day off.

But on to Elvis.

The Little Stumpy Fella is doing really, really well.

Very little wheezing or coughing, though what I am hearing may actually have more to do with allergies than his heartworms or congestive heart failure. The live oak trees are dropping their leaves like gangbusters, and his little coughs and such seemed to have started about that time. I'm hoping once they quit falling and the green hairies (or whatever those greenish stringy things are that come down right after the leaves fall) make their way to the ground, he'll get over the problems. We'll bag what we can and mulch the rest and most of the dog side of the yard escapes the yearly molt, so I'm hoping that once the patio is cleared off he'll straighten up.

For the past couple of months, I've not been sitting in the living room stitching (can't when it's cold because my hand gets cold and stiff), but the last couple of days have given me an opportunity to go in and start getting back in the habit. Funny. He didn't remember the words, "Ottoman boy", but he sure knew what the sound of the ottoman rolling across the floor meant. He was in there in a flash. There were a couple of false starts getting him up there (our remaining cat was on the back of the chair and he's scared to death of her), but once he was there, he flopped right down with a contented sigh.

He's also learning to automatically "kennel" into his crate at night. We're what? Eight months into his time with us and he's just started it this last week. Have to give credit to the soft dog treats we use to bribe him in, but even with them present over the last eight months, this week is the first time is scuttled in on his own. If his path is blocked or Haley is close he won't do it, but give him a clear path and he's in like a shot.

I'm hoping to get a few more pictures of him once the patio is cleared up. (Not only is the depth of the oak leaves embarrassing, but I'm very allergic to them, so no amount of wishing for pics will get me out there until it's cleared up.)

So that's where we are. His weight is good. His appetite is good. His meds seem to be doing what they should. Overall, he's just doing great, so I'll keep my fingers crossed things stay that way.

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