Thursday, September 09, 2010

Update Sept. 9, 2010

The increased Pred seems to be helping.

I gave Elvis a Torb last night after his dinner (and before ours), but his coughing wasn't too bad. I didn't want it to get that way, though, so I went ahead and gave it whereas last week, I probably wouldn't have. The cough he's had that we're fighting is one that once it gets started good, it hangs on. So I'm erring on the side of giving him a Torb a bit sooner than I normally would have.

I forgot to weigh him yesterday until way late in the day, and that's not good. I've gotten out of the habit of the daily weighing (mainly because our scale is wonky), and I need to remember to weigh him right after lunch. I try to weigh at pretty much the same time every day, so I'll definitely weigh him today and get it on his calendar.

That's really it for the update. I'm getting ready to begin a major painting job (the living room), but I'll still be keeping an eye and ear on Elvis (so will Randall!), and I'll post another update tomorrow morning.

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