Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update, Sept 12, 2010

Elvis began his reduced dosage of Prednisone today. I've kept his morning Lasix dose at 1 ml, but I've dropped the dinner dose back to .75 ml. I don't dare keep him on the twice a day elevated Lasix dose since it does weird stuff to his head, but since we're reducing the Pred from 5 mg to 3.75 through Wednesday and then further reducing it to 2.5 from Thursday through probably Monday, I think I can leave him at this slightly reduced evening Lasix amount. I'll probably step back his morning Lasix once he gets on the 2.5 mg Prednisone. I really don't want to set off emotional problems with him.

So far, he's doing well with his coughing. I did have to give him a Torb last night, but I think I'm really at fault there. I've been priming and painting woodwork in the living room for the last two days, and yesterday I forgot to turn the fan on to help with the fumes. This is oil-based primer and paint, so I'm really going to have to be more mindful of the air. The primer knocks me on my ass, so I always remember to turn a fan on, but yesterday I was mainly working with paint, and I forgot. My bad and Elvis paid a a price for my neglectfulness.

Today, though, he's been good, so I am really hopeful that the few days on the higher Pred dose is going to cure what ails him. I feel pretty confident that it will.

I'll probably not post another update until Tuesday or Wednesday unless something changes.

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