Thursday, June 03, 2010

Settling the new foster in

Yes. There is a new foster in the house. Ollie, a very large, very handsome, black, 9 year old Oriental Shorthair mix. We brought him in on Tuesday (much to Elvis' disgust), and he's currently occupying the guest room where he'll stay in quarantine for the next 2 weeks.

He's got a blog (of course!!) located at and he'll have a photo gallery somewhere. Elvis' has had his over on Keep and Share, but I'll be honest, while they have an outstanding calendar, their photo album function well and truly sucks. So expect us to take our photo storage business elsewhere soon.

Things are quiet with Elvis right now since I'm concentrating on getting Ollie settled in. He was an owner surrender and was at the shelter for a month. He has turned into an unbelievably ecstatic cat who is just deliriously happy that he has a home with people.

I hope to have more on Elvis here in the next several days. I will say his weight is good and his heartworm treatment (Monday night) went off without a extra coughing a day or so later, so fingers crossed, he's going to start taking his pills without any side effects.

I'll post more in the next few days once things are a bit more settled.

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