Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just making Elvis' week....Not.

If everything goes well, Randall and I will be bringing in a foster cat on Tuesday. Since the shelter is absolutely overwhelmed, now is probably a good time for us to do that. My goal is a cat that is 3+ years of age, but beyond that, I'm pretty well open to options (breed, sex, coat). All I'm absolutely against is a kitten or young cat.

Elvis, I am sure, though, would be happy to live the rest of his life without a cat present. He never was a fan, but the night the Howdy jumped down on his head when they were both going for a piece of sweet potato, has convinced him that all cats are evil and have horribly designs on his person.

Fortunately, the cat will be isolated in the guest room for the first two weeks (that's my goal, though it's possible we will only be able to do it for 10-12 days), so he won't be exposed to the Evil Feline. After that, though, the cat will slowly be introduced to the household

Tomorrow I'll be busy getting the guest room set up for the new foster, so I'm not sure I'll have anything to post. I do need to get a weight on him since it's been quite some time, but he doesn't feel as if his weight has shifted much, so if I can't get to it until tomorrow or Tuesday, I suspect I'll be OK.

So for now, things are quiet. That's sure to change soon. *g*

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