Saturday, June 05, 2010

You know Elvis is desperate...

...when he pokes his head into the bathroom where I feed Howdy at 5:00 because he wants to be REALLY sure The Foodlady is coming back. LOL

Seriously, as terrified of cats as he is, it was a huge surprise to see his little muzzle peeking around the corner to check on my progress feeding Howdy. He's been lurking closer and closer outside that door for the last week or so because 30 minutes after I feed her, I feed him. And that is VERY important to Elvis. But still, I never expected to turn around and see him poking his nose through the door.

He's gone from the boy who ate to live to the boy who lives to eat. :)

Another bit of news is that he did make it all week without any sort of coughing from his heartworm pill. This is a definite plus in my book particularly since we never thought he'd ever even get to a heartworm pill in the first place.

Tomorrow I grill out a pork loin. This will be one of the first that I've done in ages, and I suspect he'll learn the joys of "grill guarding" with the other two. With any luck I'll manage to snap some pictures because I suspect he'll be pretty close by.

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