Saturday, November 06, 2010

Update, November 6, 2010

Elvis' has another few days of antibiotics since there's still some swelling evident at the gum line.

Dr. Walthall thinks that the infection may actually be gone, but that a puss pocket is there and is going to have to be reabsorbed, which will take time. So he's got enough to last through Monday, and then he'll be off them.

I'll be leaving Monday, so Randall will be in charge of all things Elvis while I'm gone. I suspect either he or I will post a quick update late next week, and then I'll post one when he comes up to Dallas. No one is looking forward to bringing him into a new environment since it's going to be stressful, and Elvis doesn't do stress.

But he'll be up there with his buds, and he'll know Randall and me, so we're hoping that he will do OK. He'll ride up to Dallas in a crate with Skeeter, and he'll most likely sleep with him for the three nights they're there. And I'll have the handy dandy Valium and Torbutrol, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with all that, he'll do OK

So that's where we are. Say a prayer for the little stumpy fella that his infection stays gone and that he handles his van ride and stay in Dallas well. :)

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