Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tooth extraction scheduled

Elvis' tooth infection has kicked in again, so he's been scheduled for an extraction next Tuesday at 9:30.

He started on antibiotics yesterday, and he'll have a week on them before he goes in. As much as I hate to put him under, this tooth simply has to come out. I've also asked if Dr. Walthall will clip his nails good while he's under...he get so stressed when that's done, that I figure I might as well take advantage of him being out to get this done.

I've got a CT scan scheduled for today and my biannual followup with my radiation oncologist on Monday, so Tuesday was as soon as this could be done (plus I'd really like him over as much of the infection as possible).

Since Elvis gets so stressed when I'm not available, our plans are to stick around so I'll be there when he goes under and then be there when he comes out. The extraction shouldn't take long, so I suspect I'll have an updated on how things went on the blog soon after lunch.

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