Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elvis Really Misses the Food Lady

Elvis is doing well thanks to Valium. The first couple of days Donna was gone, he got very stressed out when the Food Lady did not appear by 4:30. The stress lead to lots of coughing both before he ate, after he ate, and after my dinner an hour later. Even a Torbutrol did not really help as the cats hung around his basket after dinner, wanting to be put up (and fed, of course).

Donna suggested trying a quarter pill Valium around 4pm to help keep him on an even keel. It's worked for the last two nights and seems to be working tonight. THere is much less stress and far less coughing. Not letting the cats back out after my dinner helps too. I hate to use a valium on him every day while Donna is gone, but that is probably easier on him that several hours of stressed out coughing -- especially when it's the "sounds like he's coughing up a lung" cough.

Unfortunately, the swelling on his face is still there. It's down from what it was when we took him in to see Dr. Walthall, but it is still there. Another visit to the vet is likely after Donna gets back.

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