Monday, April 05, 2010

4_5_10 Update

Just a quick update.

Elvis is still doing the coughing bit, though now it's in the evening after his dinner/before ours. He is really getting himself worked up, and when he does, the cough starts.

Of course, what's really starting it is the potty break after dinner is the one where both Skeeter and Haley are ready to tear down the door to go outside. That just totally ramps him up and he's flying down the path fully stretched out to hit the back of the yard first. I know he really shouldn't do that; that much exertion isn't good for him, but he LOVES it SOOOO much, I just can't bring myself to stop him.

So between the oak mold, the evening run down the path and the excitement he's working up to before our dinner, he's getting 1/2 of a Torb pretty much every evening. The good news is that since we keep the house closed up now, he's not coughing like made in the morning.

So it looks like we've exchanged one problem for another, but it's manageable, so I'm not really worried.

Also, Elvis has an appointment Friday morning to go in for a checkup with Dr. Walthall. I just want her to go over him and also give him his vaccination since I'll be shooting my guys here at the end of the month.

I'll update after she sees him.

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