Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update 2_16_2010

Sort of a minor, rambling update here. :)

Elvis is doing well. Since going on the small dose of Pred once a day, the improvement in his breathing is really remarkable. Even when he comes running in from the back of the yard, his breathing is pretty much clear. If he does wheeze or cough, it's only really briefly. From looking at his calendar, I'm estimating that he will need a Torbutrol every week to 10 days. That's a huge improvement over the dosage he was getting before the Pred got added to his routine.

To build on the lurking post of last week. He is really getting brave. He definitely knows the kitchen is where it's at, so he comes in there nearly every time I'm in there working. If silverware drops, he runs back into the den, but then turns right around and comes back in. This is a really good turn of events.

Elvis has also gotten brave enough to walk past the cats at lunch to come in here and get his little lunch treats. I have Science Diet loaf style canned food that I chop up and bake so he can have treats like the other guys, and he LOVES them. I'm so glad he's decided that walking past the cats is something he can do.

He's got Skeeter sleeping with him every other night, though he's waking Randall up very early to go outside (5 am early), and when he comes back in, Skeeter goes in with him. I would like to have him alone in his own crate as much as possible because he depends less on his bunkmate, but I'm not sure Randall can handle the early wake up calls on a regular basis. Randall is going to have to let me know about that one...I wear earplugs, so I'm blissfully unaware of anything going on.

As a side note. This blog is going to go on vacation from March 7-March 27. For those of you keeping track, when I had my lower teeth pulled in preparation for my radiation treatments for cancer, I had to wait a year to get teeth. One delay led to another, but I'm going to Dallas on March 7 and won't be back in town until March 26. If something weird happens, Randall will post an update.

I had hoped to have some pictures to post, but I just haven't had the chance to take any. Hopefully I can get some over the next several days and post them with my next update.

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