Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dinner time!

We got another video of Elvis. This time it's during our dinner, when I turn into The Food Lady. :)

If the weather cooperates (it's supposed to sleet over the next day or two) and we get decent light, I'm hoping to take a few pictures of him here in the house...I doubt he'll happily stand in the yard in the rain/sleet.

Also, I finished clipping his nails this afternoon. I had the rear ones left, but I wanted to be sure not to give him another Valium close on the heels of the one last week. He panicked like I expected, but the Valium took the edge off and, again, didn't knock him out. Just calmed him, so I'm really happy with that response. He's so medicine sensitive that I just never know what will bug him. The Valium doesn't, though, which is great.

Hopefully I'll have a few pictures to post of him later in the week.

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