Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 13-15, Sunday - Tuesday


Sunday was more of the same with the PC. One thing of note did happen. The keyboard tray fell out of my desk again, and this time Elvis was sitting very close to it (on his lead). He definitely didn't like what happened, but he only moved away a couple of feet and didn't panic. No coughing or cringing. So the lead is definitely making a big difference in how he handles strange or unpleasant happenings.


He definitely doesn't care for being left alone in the den. Haley and I were in the kitchen, and Elvis was a bit hacked off at being left out and let me know. I ended up bringing him in to the kitchen and leashing him to the island while I was working. He was much happier and didn't sit around barking to get my attention. :)


I have to admit that while my breed will always be dachshunds, the little Skipperchi is a cute fellow. Elvis has realized that wagging his stump gets him all sorts of attention, so he does that a lot now. He also "smiles", though I suspect that's more a result of him getting rather excited and panting, but whatever the cause, it looks like a smile. He also has gotten where he'll stand up and put his feet on my chair or leg when he wants attention...the fact that that seems to happen in close proximity to feeding time doesn't reduce the fact it's endearing. I'll also say there are a lot of times when his "voice" sounds remarkably owl-like. Randall said it isn't quite that, but he's in here in the den with him. If I'm in the kitchen, it definitely sounds like a hoot. This is different than the bark he uses...this is more a "Hey you! Don't forget about me!" sound. Kind of funny the first time you hear it.

I've also had to change the living room furniture arrangement back to the way it was originally. I just can't cross stitch while sitting on the sofa, so Elvis is going to have to learn that Skeeter has HIS place in the chair under the light and that he (Elvis) is going to have to work around that. He's a bright little guy. I figure he'll come up with something. :)

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