Monday, September 07, 2009

September 4 -6 , Friday-Sunday


It's was raining this morning when we got up, and Randall said he heard thunder during the night. Elvis is a bit skittish today, and I suspect that's why. He reacted the last time we had thunder come through, so I'm not at all surprised. Once the rains passed, though, he was back to normal. His cough was pretty persistent this morning (higher humidity?), so he got a pill. He ended up with a second one when we went in to start our DVD tonight, too. Haley's season is causing this, I'm sure, since he tends to get a bit worked up at night.

One thing, though, is that I brought back out his little bed I bought the first month he was here and put it down where his towel next to my desk has been. The towel went inside the bed and this time, he happily crawled inside it several times. I suspect it was just too soon for him to be comfortable with the newness of it, but since he's had another month, he was ready for it. This is good because I sit right next to a door, and it gets VERY cold over here in the winter. That towel wasn't going to be nearly enough when it gets cold.


Elvis definitely agrees with Emeril. Pork fat rules! Randall brought me home some cheap bacon so I could render it down for the fat. I chopped it up, rendered it down and then brought in a piece for each dog. I think Elvis thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He was VERY impressed with his little piece of bacon. I suspect he's finding many positives in me being able to look around for him before I put a nibble down. Before he was leashed, he missed a lot of opportunities by running away...the other two kids thought it was great, though.


It's been a lazy day for Elvis. He's been in his bed most of the day with the occasional trips outside and longing looks at Haley (who is totally oblivious). I was telling Randall that he's so comfortable now, that I can reach down and pet him when he's curled up in his bed and he never moves a muscle. What a difference this leash has made...and I STILL can't figure it out. Regardless, though, I'm grateful. I'll probably go ahead and bath him this week, too. He's been sort of itchy and it's been a couple of months since his first bath, so he's due. Toenail clipping, too. :)

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