Saturday, December 11, 2010

Things you just don't expect to see...

I was in here at the computer (in our master bedroom) where Haley had been crated this morning with a chew flip while Randall vacuumed and mopped.

I kept hearing this funny sound...sort of like someone dropping a plastic coat hanger. I looked over and didn't see anything. Heard it again and looked over just in time to see Elvis trying to figure out how to pick up the chew flip. Apparently he'd gotten it out of Haley's crate, but kept dropping it.

When he finally got it picked up, he wandered in and out of the room with it in his mouth trying to find a place to work on it.


Finally he settled on the blanket next to my chair where he spent the next couple of minutes trying to figure out his best line of attack. The chew was a bit too long and his legs were a bit to long, never mind he only has a couple of teeth. He finally got it worked out, you can see:

Never let it be said that Elvis doesn't find a work around for having no teeth if there's something he really wants. :)

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